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About Us

Shayna Melissa Stockman World Wellness Expert

Unlike most providers who use only one approach, Shayna is extremely unique because she truly fuse several modalities for synergistic results & happier clientele:

  • ProActive/Preventative approach to better your odds of staying healthy before dis-order

  • Naturopathic-more natural, botanical, herbal ingredients

  • Integrative-integrate, or fuse in medications, if needed.

  • Alternatives-other than expensive, traditional, synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs that often contain carcinogens, create adverse reactions, interactions, drug dependencies, toxicity and overdoses

  • Holistic-a whole body approach of body, mind, spirit and CELLULAR level

  • BioHacking-not simple supplementation, but ACTIVATION of genes to re-energize, feel better and be happier

  • Functional-to attack the root cause to stop progression of dis-order, rid symptoms and reduce the need for medications

Grandma walks again

My grandmother grew up poor, with divorced parents, during the great depression and the prior pandemic, to graduate high school 2 years early. I was raised by this grandmother and also grew up poor, from divorced parents. In order to overcome what we were born into, we had to overachieve. I emulated my grandmother to become a very shy, sweet, polite and respectful young lady. We both enjoyed helping others and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

As a little girl, I would witness Grandma swallow her pill (a potassium-depleting diuretic for her blood pressure) with a banana and order foods without salt. Years later, in health classes, I would realize the power of foods for medicinal purposes (bananas contain potassium), as well as the ill consequences of foods (i.e., salty foods retain water that raises blood pressure and too much sugar intake may contribute to diabetes). Grandma’s siblings all ate poorly and developed diabetes while she ate healthy, stayed slender and never developed diabetes. Since my entire upbringing in the 1970s, 

I had been studying this more natural approach from both Grandma and what Grandpa—the pharmacist—had taught her. In later years, I confirmed my suspicion that we have the power to actually change genetic expression i.e., family tendency to develop diabetes.

Many years later, a very sweet and special nurse left a lasting impression on me.

I thought ‘OMG! She will never know how many lives she has impacted, and how many of those lives will, in turn, impact more lives.’ That was my “ah-ha” moment; I thought, ‘Nurses like to help people. I like to help people. Like her, I want to impact many lives that, in turn, impact many more lives! My passion to help others will create, not a mere rippling effect, but a massive tidal wave of people helping people, each putting smiles on even more faces.’ This has led me toward a life-long career in nursing. Learning from Grandma, I wanted to emphasize a more natural approach that actually attacks the root cause.

Eventually, doctors left my grandma with no good treatment plan to ever walk again. She looked up to me, the new nurse, and asked, “Do you think I will ever walk again?” I was not used to this role reversal. I knew that to get her walking again, I needed to find and attack the root cause. Also, our thoughts control our actions that dictate our results. So, I gave her the belief that she would walk again and said, “Yes! You will walk again!” With belief, a vision, consistent daily action (stretching and strengthening exercises), and perseverance, she walked again, with no assistant, walker or even a cane!

By age 26, I earned five college degrees, four nursing licenses, two Nurse Practitioner (NP) licenses, a national Board Certification and a perfect 4.0 GPA with my master’s degree. I’ve now been a RN (Registered Nurse) for 30 years and nationally board-certified NP who is dual licensed as both an Adult and Child Health NP for three decades.

youthful nurse

As a nationally board-certified NP for over 3 decades, I have healed thousands holistically. My passion is to help millions more who were also left hopeless by their doctors to overcome, re-energize, feel better, and be happier, often without meds. By empowering my fellow healthcare professionals with my same techniques and simple solutions internationally, I’ve created, not a mere rippling effect, but that massive tidal wave effect.

My heart!!! My SACRED HEART-

Listen to your intuition and follow your sacred heart. Over 46,000 EXTRA heart beats in 24 hours threw my heart into heart failure. My vital organ was failing! The heart doctor wanted me to ignore my symptoms. Do not ignore your body’s warning signs. If your healthcare provider is not getting you healthy, consider firing them! That’s exactly what I did. I had to believe that I could come out of heart failure. “Where there is a will there’s a way.” I can NOT fail, if I do not quit. Quitting was not an option with my LIFE!

When I can attack the root cause, I can stop progression, reverse dis-order, rid symptoms and decrease the need for pharmaceutical dependencies (medications).

For example, my patient’s obesity caused his high blood pressure, diabetes and knee pain. After I helped him lose 100 pounds, his blood pressure, diabetes and knee pain resolved without meds.

So, for myself, I had to do the same—find the cause to find the solution. You can read more about my heart issues and how I helped heal myself holistically without meds in my book Overcoming Life Obstacles. OLO went on to become a #1 International Bestseller in several countries and multiple categories.


Differences in Health Care Roles and


RNs cannot prescribe. Thus, I decided to advance my education and licenses so that I could order the correct tests and treatments that my patients deserved. Since physician assistants generally work under physicians’ supervision and NPs may work independently of physicians, I chose to become an NP. Then, since I wanted to treat people of all ages, I earned both adult and child health NP licenses.

As an NP, I perform similar duties to those of a doctor: I obtain the patients’ histories (allergies, medications…), perform thorough physical examinations, order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests. I also diagnose, educate to empower, offer natural, healthy alternative options, and prescribe medications when needed. I have performed procedures such as starting IVs, blood draws, joint aspirations, incisions, drains, foreign body removals, biopsies, casting, suturing, stapling, and insertion of catheters and airways.

I thought: there are cancer centers everywhere, but how many preventive centers have you seen? I’d rather warn a child to wear a helmet than treat his head injury.

I’d rather be ProActive to Prevent your Dis-order Today than ReActive to Treat your Dis-order Tomorrow!

Modern medicine often tries to fix the problem after the fact. Once the damage is done, it’s often irreversible, what I call the “hard-boiled egg syndrome.” I’d rather prevent a heart attack than try to reverse the permanent/irreversible damage (dead heart muscle).

Rather than most practitioners who only use western (synthetic) or eastern medicine (more natural alternatives), I use both; I use what is best for that individual patient and unique situation. It may be a natural alternative, or a medication, or both. For decades, before there was even a school for functional (root cause) medicine, I have been merging eastern alternatives with western medicine (aka “integrative medicine”) to attack the root cause, produce synergistic effects and better outcomes.

Some problems may be avoided, controlled or even reverted with a combination of proper nutrition, weight reduction, physical fitness, lifestyle changes (i.e., smoke cessation) and other Biohacking methods that I call “not just supplementation, but ACTIVATION.” Activation is actually activating, or stimulating, vital pathways in our body to do what they used to do and should do, to work more efficiently.

Biohacking seems to be more than just “masking tape on a garden hose.” It seems to attack the root causes of the problems. Biohacking means to hack, or try to take control over, your own biology. We can Biohack with nutrients that affect our genes/genetic expression. For example, when Grandma ate well and stayed slender, she avoided her family tendency of diabetes from being genetically expressed.

Prevention is one of the most critical parts of healthcare, yet the most overlooked and under-budgeted.

The odds of getting killed in a plane crash are one in eleven million, but we still wear our seat belts, just in case. In the U.S., the current odds of developing diabetes as an adult are one in four, odds of developing obesity are one in three, and cancer just one in every two! The top two leading causes of death in the U.S. are heart disease and cancer!

The CDC estimates that 75% of healthcare funds are spent on chronic conditions, disabilities, and deaths that could have been prevented! We need to focus on being proactive with our bodies, as we do with wearing seat belts on planes and helmets on Harleys.

Preventive measures need to be learned and taught before disease; not merely to treat, but to try and prevent problems. Heart attack means that heart cells have died, a part of the heart (a vital organ) has died; for the most part, it’s irreversible damage, the hard-boiled egg syndrome. Rather than just treat heart attacks, more people should try to prevent heart attacks!

To beat the one-in-eleven-million odds of dying in a plane crash, you wear your seat belt. To beat the #1 cause of death (heart disease), a one-in-two-chance, a fifty-fifty chance of getting cancer, an often-deadly fate, most do absolutely nothing?! Perhaps, they lack the knowledge to empower themselves! Thus, my mission is to empower millions with this know-how.

Physical examinations do not typically prevent disease, but rather detect disease that’s already there. Exams are still advised because they can detect disease earlier.

Traditional medicine is geared at symptomatic relief only. But even though the symptoms may subside (i.e., chest pain), the underlying problem (i.e., heart blockage) is still there, silently worsening. Doctors prescribing pain medications are “masking” symptoms, not fixing them! Often modern medicine is like masking tape on a leaking garden hose, masking the problem and good for now. Meanwhile, the underlying root cause is continuing to worsen, until suddenly, the body can’t handle the problem any more, breaks down and totally fails.

Medicine is based on simple algorithms that do not tend to look for the root cause nor take into account individual factors like I do.

Before I started activating my genes, I felt very achy, didn’t sleep well, lacked energy, couldn’t focus and was sad.

Biohacking (i.e., “not just supplementation, but ACTIVATION”), has changed my LIFE!

Over time, I felt less achy and slept better, which, in turn, provided more energy and better concentration. The effects seemed cumulative i.e., more and more energy and that made me happy. I no longer needed medications and that made me happy too!

Many of my patients tell me similar success stories and that they have not felt this good in years! One patient said, “After many specialists, you were the first to introduce activation, not just supplementation, to me and I haven’t felt this good in decades!!”

I’m extremely unique because I fuse several modalities for synergistic results and happier clientele:

  • Proactive/Preventive approach to better your odds of staying healthy before dis-order.

  • Naturopathic: more natural, botanical, herbal ingredients.

  • Alternatives: other than expensive, traditional, synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs that often contain carcinogens, create adverse reactions, interactions, drug dependencies, toxicity and overdoses.

  • Functional: to attack the root cause to stop progression of dis-order, rid symptoms and reduce the need for medications.

  • Holistic: a whole body approach of body, mind, spirit and CELLULAR level.

  • Biohacking: not simple supplementation, but ACTIVATION of genes to re-energize, feel better and be happier.

  • Integrative: integrate, or fuse in medications, if needed.

Since many doctors graduated medical school before some of the cutting edge Biohacking alternatives were available, they are not even aware of them. I now educate and collaborate with doctors, specialists and nurses too.

After decades of research, I still always like to get to the cause to find the solution to rid the problem. Many of our health problems are linked to free radical damage causing oxidative stress (OS), which in turn causes inflammation. This inflammation causes problems in whichever organ(s) it accumulates i.e., breathing problems, memory, pain, autoimmune and skin issues…

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Medical Correspondent for CNN, said in his book Chasing Life that “Oxidative stress is now linked to more than one hundred diseases.”

When we get older, there’s three main internal bodily functions that age us and cause health problems.

  • Free radicals accumulate and create damage known as Oxidative Stress, which causes inflammation. OS causes an apple to turn brown and rust to form on bare metal.

    Oxidative Stress accumulates throughout our lifetime and has been linked to hundreds of health problems, including nine of the top ten leading causes of death in the U.S. (strokes, cancer, diabetes, flu/pneumonia, kidney, depression/ suicides, kidney, respiratory, and heart problems).

    When we were younger, our bodies used to produce a lot of antioxidants to combat this Oxidative Stress. When we get older, our bodies are tired of producing these vital defenses (antioxidants), and thus produce less. As our antioxidant production decreases, it causes our Oxidative Stress levels to increase. This is when our health issues begin. I help my clients rev up their bodies’ own production of these antioxidants i.e., SOD and glutathione to drastically reduce their Oxidative Stress.

  • Our mitochondria, the energy stations of our cells, are required for cell LIFE. Over time, our mitochondria die off, causing cell DEATH. Now, I teach people how to have their own body make more mitochondria for cell LIFE!3.

    Our sirtuins (“garbage men”) in our body get tired of taking out so much garbage that accumulates daily, and over more years than our bodies were intended to live. These toxins accumulate and cause toxicity. I help peoples bodies re-activate these lazy sirtuins to detoxify.

With all natural ingredients in caplets, capsules and/or liquids, I help my clients:

  • Increase production of their own antioxidants to reduce Oxidative Stress.

  • Increase production of mitochondria required for cell LIFE.

  • Increase sirtuin activity to detoxify the body before toxins become toxic.

Biohacking methods may activate multiple pathways/roadways/genes (i.e., NRF1, NRF2, and NAD pathways) throughout our entire body.

Activating the NRF1 pathway increases production of mitochondria which are required for cell LIFE.

Activating the NRF2 pathway helps your body produce its own antioxidants (SOD and glutathione) that reduce Oxidative Stress (OS) because OS can cause inflammation.

Activating the NAD pathway recycles sirtuins (“garbage men”) to “rid waste and toxins” before they become toxic. Otherwise, the toxin accumulation causes toxicity and even more inflammation.

So, I thought ‘If we are helping every cell in every organ, we are helping every organ.’

I like to call this “not just supplementation, but ACTIVATION” because the pathways are being activated, or stimulated, to accomplish vital cellular roles described above.

I ingest these activators, because they activate my pathways to do what they used to do and should do. I’ve been activating my vital pathways for years and now feel like my much younger self!

Being pro-active today will be less costly than being re-active tomorrow!

Being proactive may increase not only your health span, but your lifespan!

  • Help transform more people to get healthier

  • Educate more healthcare professionals

  • Create a bigger difference, a deeper impact

  • Save/have more time

  • Gain financial FREEdom

  • Live and leave a legacy

  • Be happy without the traditional job stress

Collectively, they can transform more lives than I ever could. Thus, my mere rippling effect has accelerated into a tidal wave effect. With clients in several states, countries and continents, I’m now known as The World Wellness Expert ™

  • ProActive Health Tips:

  • Natural foods are good; processed foods are bad.

  • If it has eyes or comes from the ground, it’s better.

  • To satisfy a sweet tooth, eat natural sweets like fruit, and pair it with protein i.e., nuts.

  • Plastic is not good for you or our environment. Instead of bottled water, drink filtered water. Use BPA-free shaker bottles.

  • Growing your own fruit/vegetables will ensure no carcinogenic insecticides, pesticides or wax.

  • Instead of artificial sweeteners, use natural honey, stevia or monk fruit.

  • For earlier detection, schedule a full physical annually.

  • To track when your annual exams are due, schedule them in your birthday month.

  • Men, schedule your annual full physical exam, including blood test for prostate AND the annual prostate exam. If you’re not comfortable with your doctor/NP performing this exam, schedule an appointment with a urologist.

  • Stay active: swim, walk the dog, ride a bicycle, go for a hike, play with the kids/grandbabies outside, soccer, join a softball team, meditate, yoga…

  • Find what makes you happy. As long as it’s legal and morally correct, do it more!

  • Find your happy place and put it in your schedule!

  • If you are over age 20, your body does not make as much of the defenses it used to (i.e., antioxidants and mitochondria). Thus, everyone over 20 (except organ recipients) should activate these vital pathways to rev up production of their bodies’ good defenses.