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Why Choose World Wellness Expert?

Customized Care for Your Individual Wellness Journey

Shayna Wellness Nurse

Gone Are the Days of One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

With Shayna, you'll experience the true power of combining different techniques and methodologies, tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals. By leveraging this diverse range of modalities, she creates a customized experience that addresses your concerns holistically, unlocking the potential for transformative change.

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After decades of research, Shayna still likes to use multiple modalities to attack the root cause, reverse dis-order, and rid the symptoms to decrease, or even eliminate, the need for medication.

  • ProActive/Preventative approach to better your odds of staying healthy before dis-order.

  • Naturopathic-more natural, botanical, herbal ingredients.

  • Alternatives-other than expensive, traditional, synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs that often contain carcinogens, create adverse reactions, interactions, drug dependencies, toxicity and overdoses.

  • BioHacking-not simple supplementation, but ACTIVATION of genes to re-energize, feel better and be happier.

  • Holistic approach to healing, which includes body, mind, spirit, and cellular level.

  • Functional medicine to attack the root cause if needed.

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